Hip Hop movie history

Which are the movies that showed Hip Hop contents for the first time and allowed the spread of this culture outside of its place of origin? Analysis of the different influences in multiple regions of the globe from the former Soviet Union to Tunisia and Europe. Guests: Giulia Chimp (Italy); Martha Diaz (USA); Veronika Urbonaitė (Lithuania); Francois Gautret (France) Karim Kouki (Tunisia)

How to pitch a movie

Present your movie project properly is fundamental: how to make an info-kit? How present it in different situations? Which are the differences between a physical and a digital pitch? What is the audience design? These and many others will be the topics covered in this workshop. Guests: Andrea Traina (Italy); Bill Bering (Greenland) Giulia Giorgi (Italy); Greta Nordio (Italy)

Hip Hop and arteducation

Hip Hop disciplines are more and more used for peer education and informal education in youth centers and schools, let’s discover some case studies through the different Hip Hop disciplines (rap, break dance, graffiti). Guests: Marcos Candido for Axé Project (Brazil – Italy); Bgirl Saiko (Italy); Bboy Piecez (Canada); Kento (Italy); Bboy house (USA)

Hip Hop Entrepreneurship

Hip Hop culture can be experienced on many levels, but there is an undeniable common line that allows those who are part of it of being able to transpose its life principles into all kinds of professionalism, from aesthetics to the working approach. Examples of possible professional evolutions will be presented. The guests are going to be personalities who have established themselves thanks to their Hip Hop background, even outside of this world. Guests: Estelle Ebenga Hénot (France); Paul Van Dal (Holland); MG (Slovakia); David ‘Footloose’ Russel’s (UK); Rob Schwartz (USA).

Independent distribution of your project

How to understand the possibilities of self-distribution in the independent cinema world: how to analyze the possibilities of your project; festivals, but which ones? Is the movie theater network the right choice? VOD platforms how to find your way around? These and many others are going to be the questions analyzed during this conference. Guests: Valentina Guglielmo (Italy) Yassine El-Idrissi (Morocco); Maurizio Ravallese (Italy); Jacopo Testone (Italy); 1895  Italy); NDTV (Holland); Direct to digital (Italian); Indiecinema (Italy).

Hip Hop cinematography

Which are the Hip Hop camera aesthetics standards? Which are the classical shots? What makes a Hip Hop cut? Let’s discuss that with video makers and about. Guests: Antoine Schirer (France); Daniel Zhu (USA); Miniboj (Slovakia)


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