Gloria Viggiani, in art Lady Nina, moves her first steps as a professional photographer in 2010but living in parallel the graffiti artist career started in 2000. In 2012 she began working as aneditor for Grab Magazine. In 2020 she founds the magazine “Burners Magazine” andinterviewed artists such as Carlos Mare, 1UP, Alice Pasquini, Zurik, Partone. Today she’s alsoa curator ofgraffiti exhib.

Krayon is a pixel artist born in Melfi and based in Rome. After studies in graphics, hedeveloped his personal expressive language through pixels. He curated for numerousfestivals and events in Europe and Asia. He exhibited his works in Shenzhen, Hong Kong,Genoa, Parma and in galleries of Xi’An, Zhuhai, Paris and Rome. Some of his works are in thepermanent collections of the HQB Museum of Shenzhen and the Bank of Italy

Riccardo Beetroot, born in Rome in 1974. He started his journey in street art in 2009. Works on the project named “Picture Crossing”: leaves his works on the streets to their destiny. Anyone is free to take them and then can decide what to do with it, creating the free movement of the art piece. He also experiments with the combination of putty and spray acrylics, that are then shaped with a drill to obtain a textural and polyhedric result.

Daniele Tozzi was born in Rome in 1981 and in the late nineties he got in contact with the hip hop culture, in particular with writing, a passion that will change his life. Studies graphics at  the IED of Rome and specializes in hand lettering. Since 2010 he starts the artist career, exhibiting in galleries and festivals in Italy and Europe.

Gabriele Cigna was born in Rome and actively participates in the writing scene since the late nineties. He approaches the art of calligraphy and abstract living in Germany, a great source of inspiration. The artwork reflects directly the feeling of the artist, starting from calligraphy to land to the abstract trait of the ancestral.  


Ale Senso was born in Bergamo nel 1977. In his teenage years begins his journey in the graffiti scene and later in street art. He graduated at the academy of Brera in 2001 and lives today in Rome. He combines, since the first years of activity, a rich production of murales, small artworks, environmental installations and pavement art. 


Omino71, “non street artist”, was born in 1971 in Rome. Since the late nineties he has spread his idea of pop (ular) art in a mash up of saturated colors. Recently Omino71 was invited to create some site specific  installation for institutional contexts like the M.A.C.R.O. (Museum of Modern Art of Rome). Since 2014 his works are hosted in international museums such as the Museum of History and Archeology of Constance, The Parliament Palace of Bucharest and The Museum of Contemporary Art of Sofia.   

Oniro was born in 1991 and started to paint in 2005. From a small province but with a strong self made attitude he uses abandoned factories as his painting labs. In 2010 he moved to Milan where he studied Graphic Design. He produces artworks in Italy and abroad (Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey). Travelling is a fundamental part of his artistic journey and his works are characterized by oniric and surreal vision.  

Orghone was born in Rome in 1983. In 1996 he began to approach graffiti writing. 1999 is the year in which, with his crew, embraced the 3D style. In the same period he traveled and participated in important events such as “The Amazing Day” and “Meeting of Styles”. In the years after he went back to his passion for 2D and, based on the wild style, created a “semi wildstyle”. 

Born in Rome in 1988. The passion
that he developed since his beginnings is drawing and in 2006/2007 he approached writing, experimenting on every surface. After a Master in photography, started the career of internal and external decorator all over Italy. He also participates as creator for many artistic events in the capital, collaborating with associations and galleries

Shine is a designer, street artist. Born in Rome in 1987. He participates in various artistic events where he exhibits his works, including the Biennale of Rome, exhibitions in Turin, The house of culture, The halls of Bramante etc. 

MAFM is a brand that promotes contemporary art celebrating urban culture. Thanks to their aptitude and skills in graffiti, visual arts and sculpturethey develop projects where art and metropolitan style are blend toghther. 

Esa, with a career spanning over twenty years, is one of the most important rappers on the Italian music scene. He has joined historic groups such as OTR and Gente Guasta, a duo made up of Esa aka El Presidente and the Varese rapper (also ex-OTR) Polare. Together with Neffa, La Pina, i Colle, OTR and Sottotono, he has brought an original and funky style to rap, producing more than ten albums and international collaborations, up to his latest album together with Dj Skizo Sangue e Amore.