Estelle Ebenga Hénot
Creative entrepreneur based in Paris. Communication consultant, fashion designer and podcaster. She started Hip Hop dance as a teenager in Roubaix, France and travelled the world
to follow her passion through battles and workshops. Today she owns a streetwear label @iam.eeH (on Instagram) and teaches entrepreneurship and branding in a Fashion Business School in Paris. She is responsable for the podcast inside the cyper at the notorious IBE, talks from inside the hip hop scene. 


Bgirl Danny – Daniela Cono
Bgirl since 1998, and visual artist, she has developed a strong passion for anything related to video (post production, visual effects and motion graphics, videomapping, vjing), in connection with Hip Hop culture and body’s expressions. Graphic designer and motion grapher for TV and theatre productions, she is the vicepresident of TBB/TBG Global Family (Italy chapter), and member of Hip Hopera Foundation, with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and social events and projects, and spreading their founding values and principles. In 2015 she won “Cultura Futura, Creativi Digitali”, creating the experimental project See-Goal, in 2017 she co-founded Point2b, a dance and visual arts company. 

Federico Peixoto
Costa Rican Filmmaker, he Hip Hop culture since 00’s. He started filmmaking in the 90’s and soon he founded iGafeto TV documenting different underground cultural expressions from Costa Rica; he documented too international artists like Ephniko, Rxnde Akozta, Myka 9, Asheru , DJ Lord, Sean Paul. He co-organized events like Griot Collective, the 1st Graffiti National Convention, Buscando la Raíz and the tour Manifiesto Urbano, starting his DJ career. As DJ he  staged with artists as: DJ Muggs, Mad Professor, Pato Machete, Lil Suppa, Akapellah, Portavoz, Myka 9. He Co- funded, host and DJ the Hip Hop radio show: La Ofensiva (2013-19). He directed the documentary “Tlacuilos” that narrates the Graffiti scene in Central America. 


Shark Emcee

Fabio Fallarino raps for15 years, he is a hip hop culture promoter in Italy through Hip Hopera Foundation, and he is now a coach/expert for the project BRL (Benevento Rap Lab) in his Hometown. In 2010 he was one of the first rapper bringing rap in the juveniles, for 2 years he has been member of the project “il suono che parla” in the Ariola Juvenile with Doc Shock, Fabio Mef e Rocco Hunt, till Lucariello took his place. During this path has been thought to the youths how to use rap to express their feelings and frustrations, and at the end CD has been recorded by them and the sociologist Doc. Rosa Vieni wrote a book about the experience. 


Salimè Imani
Salimé is active in italian hip hop scene since 2009, after a period of study between Los Angeles and New York, she decided to dedicate her life to the dissemination and sharing of Hip Hop culture through teaching, rap, organizing events and volunteer initiatives. In 2014 Salimè founded the H2O (HeroesToo), a group of young dancers aspiring heroes, because she believes that art is a saving superpower if put at the service of the good.

Marta Simone
Dancer and hip hop teacher with experience abroad, professional educator in the educational and social field for the recovery and reintegration of people in difficulty, with disabilities and in uncomfortable situations.  

Antonio Turano
is a
psicotherapist, artetherapist and rapper. Since 2015 he teaches, between Lazio and Umbria region,s workshop of rap writing, recording and freestyle in different contexts: kids, teenagers and adults. From the elementary schools till the youth centers, to the psychiatric rehab communities during the years he defined his approach and the use of hip hop instruments, he used it also in didactic paths for sanitary workers, with experiencial groups and psicotherapeutic individual paths. Infact also in the psicotherapy he loves to integrate hip hop culture and principles through a psycophisiological and psycodinamic key of the processes. He calls that approach “teRAPy with which he finds more and more common points with psycoanalysis.

Diamante (Daniele Vitrone)
 Is an Italian-Brazilian rapper and educator born in Salvador (Bahia-Brazil), raisedin Rome and living in Milan,hehas been anactive memberof the Italian rap scene since the early2000s. Currently, in addition to a singlethat willbe released in February 2022, he regularlycollaborated with the jazz-funk trio “Bolla Trio” in the live project “Milano Underground” withwhich he performesat the Blue Note in Milan.

Assunta Viteritti
Professor at the department of Social and Economic Sciences (Scientific Disciplinary Sector – Sociology of Cultural and Educational Processes), Faculty of Political Sciences, Sociology, Communication, of LaSapienza University of Rome. 


Giuseppe “Nexus” Gatti
Nexus (Giuseppe
Gatti) is a director, performer and researcher. Break dancer, he founded and manages the Garofoli/Nexus company. He is a professor of hip-hop history and philosophy at the Urban Dance Academy and of the digital arts laboratory at the Dams of Roma Tre. He is the author of Stradario Hip hop (Alegre Quinto tipo).

Veronica “BenzaBenanti
approaches Hip Hop thanks to her paternal aunt. After years of choreography dance and after having also approached other dance styles in 2022 she graduated at Skillz Academy, dedicating herself to Hip Hop Freestyle. In 2019 she begins to approach rap and write rhymes. In parallel with Hip Hop passions, in 2020 she graduated in historical-artistic studies at La Sapienza in Rome. Thanks to the support of professor Maurizio Quagliuolo, her study paths merged, giving life in 2022 to “Hip Hop Protection”, an association that promotes the recognition of Hip Hop culture as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Renzo Cognini
Always passionate about music, in the mid-80s he was captured by the Hip Hop world. He immediately noticed that the artists of that time used a precise code in dressing and proclaiming belonging to the movement. He started to import in Italy together with Slam Jam partners: Kangol, Carhartt and Stussy. The partnership with Slam Jam is still active but Renzo moves also independently, since 1997 he started the distribution of brands such as: Ecko Unlimited, Southpole and then New Era. After the Hip Hop Golden Age from in the early 2000s he worked (again through SJ) for the distribution of the most exclusive Nike products. Currently he is working with: Fila, Karl Kani and Fubu, also helping in relationships with artists, the current distributor of Kangol.


Maurizio Quagliuolo
museologist and cultural heritage manager with 40 years long experience, followed 950 projects in Italy and Abroad visiting 37 Countries with regard to: Trans-disciplinary Planning; Cultural Heritage Education; Integrated Territorial Communication; Informative Systems at Museums; Information Technology; Valorization of Cultural Destinations related to Tourism; Third Parties’ Projects Evaluation. He participated in drafting documents, guidelines and international declarations on invitation by: UNESCO, the World Bank, UNEP, UN-WTO, ICCROM, PNUD, OCSE.
He taught among the others at the Università Ca’ Foscari, Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Università di Napoli Federico II, Amsterdam University, Complutense de Madrid, , Universidade Federal da Vale do Rio Doce.

Elisa Saiko Ciprianetti,
Is a professional dancer and choreographer of Street dance, stand up andbreak dance, member of the Wild Up Bgirl Crew. She took part in multiple national andinternational shows and contests and her experience spans from live performance, theater showstillthe art education through the break dance. Socially engaged, she organizes international exchangesand participates in various social shows for world peace. Among her works we remember theparticipation in the Lions’ Gate Movie “Crew to Crew”, the theater show HipHopOpera Dr J&H as female protagonist

Grant Leigh Saunders 
is a proud Biripi man from the mid-north coast of NSW, an award winning Australian Indigenous filmmaker and lecturer of Indigenous Studies at the University of Newcastle. As an Indigenous TV producer for the ABC from 2007-2011, he produced over 20 broadcasted stories on Indigenous culture, society, history, and politics from rural, urban, and remote communities across Australia. He has since been commissioned by the ABC and NITV for several TV and film projects including his most recent feature length film documentary, ‘Teach a Man to Fish’, officially selected for Sydney and Byron Bay International Film Festivals in 2018. More recently, Saunders completed his Doctor of Creative Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2021 focusing his creative work (film documentary) and exegesis on Australian Indigenous Hip Hop and the social justice issues it speaks back to.

Gianlorenzo “Giallo”De Donno 
Born in 90, began to fall in love with dance in 2001 and since the beginning of his career he has been exploring how to use the breakin in the theater and in contexts where interpretation prevails over performance, despite it being his own technique in the breakin that makes it emerge and allows it to be able to express itself in different contexts. By contaminating her own techniques and style with knowledge of contemporary dance and acting, she then has the opportunity to take part in various fashion, theatre, television and cinema events. At the same time she carries on the Be.Rockin project which aims to enhance dance in all its forms of expression, with a particular focus on the dances of hip hop culture. 

Pietro Tamaro
Graduated at DAMS in Bologna in 2008, he moved to Rome where he began to gain his first experiences in the world of independent cinema. After working in the production and direction departments of independent films and video clips for several years, in 2013 he founded Baburka Production together with Giulia Giorgi and other partners. In 2015 he signed the first direction for the film “Brothers of Blood” by KC Film, to continue his career as assistant director and production manager for films and television series in the following years. In the meantime, he administers Baburka Production and covers the function of producer on the Baburka Factory processes.

André Grekhov, who is known as Drosha, was born and raised in Russia where he first found his love for the hip-hop culture. When he moved to the Netherlands in his teenage years, the journey as a b-boy took off and he has since then dived into researching, learning, and creating within several styles. He has been competing, teaching, performed and judging in countless events and has received awards from Oranje Fonds, Fonds Cultuur Participatie, and Prince Bernard Culture Fund. He became the world champion in Experimental 2012 at Juste Debout in Paris and is since five years back organizing the experimental festival Open Your Mind. Drosha is also an artistic director and is currently working with Don’t Hit Mama 20-year anniversary tour.  



Laura Séraphine Lakam 
Laura Séraphine Lakam is the creative producer for Stichting Hiphophuis in Rotterdam and owner of the street fashion kidswear label Petite Ganache, registered at the kvk. 


Wilson Almeida Duarte
Wilson Almeida Duarte, also known as (Wilde) Willy, is a b-boy from Rotterdam who made a career in the scene in a short period of time. He took lessons at HipHopHuis and has had lessons from Karim El Maslouhi and Maikel Walker, among others. Willy has participated in various battles at home and abroad, which he regularly won. As a dancer and as a person, he is a respected live of the Rotterdam hip-hop ecosystem and an experience expert when it comes to dance and music culture in the port city. 



Profeta Matto
He approaches hip hop in 1994 through writing, but he will vote for MCing, emerging at the first “Da Bomb” (2001) as third in the freestyle contest, in 2002 he wins the contest of emerging groups and forms the historic group ” Gli inquilini”. He collaborates, then from 2005, to the organization of the “Da Bomb” event. After the experience with “Gli Inquilini”, ended in 2011, in 2012 there was his solo launch with “Giorno Del Giudizio”. In 2016 he began his radio experience with “Radio Resistenza” first on Radiosonar and then on Deliradio. In 2022 he comes out with an experimental EP together with the musician Stefano “Demented”, which he defines as “Post Rap” and “Post Trap” and gives life to a series of podcasts with the collective “Brigata Magnotta” as well as a mixtape work in progress entitled “The New Troll Monsters Compilation” 



Philip Jamal Rashid (Netherlands)
 Iraqi Kurdish filmmaker was born in 1978, Sofia, Bulgaria and raised in Amsterdam. He is a self taught Writer, Director, Producer & Consultant. His love for cinema started when his grandmother worked at an art house Cinema and took Philip along to watch films while babysitting. His independent films always have Humanitarian themes. His first recognition came when he shot a short film on a Flip cam in Kurdistan 2011 and the film was screened at the Duhok International Film Festival and nominated in San Diego Kurdish Youth Film festival. In 2014 he won the Samsung Short film competition at The Dubai International Film Festival. After that he won the Silver Act Responsible award in Cannes for a UN Female Rights awareness campaign in 2015. With his new short films “The Moonlight Rider”,  “SHE”  and Hoody Man,  he has been nominated and won 15 awards Internationally 

Leonardo De Franceschi 
Associate professor of cinema at the DAMS of Roma Tre University, he is mainly interested in Italian cinema and seriality, according to a postcolonial lens. He has also dealt with cinematography from the South, in particular from Africa, Arab countries and diasporas. He promotes initiatives aimed at an inclusive revision of the imaginary of Italianness and at the implementation of diversity policies, with the aim of creating more practicable spaces in the creative industries for talents that are the expression of underrepresented subjectivities and without citizenship. 

Francesco “Kento” Carlo is a rapper, activist, and blogger from Reggio Calabria, winner of the Premio Cultura Contro le Mafie and promoter of Hip-Hop Smash The Wall, a project in collaboration and in solidarity with the Palestinian scene. He runs a popular blog on Fatto Quotidiano and is on the board of directors of LIPS–Lega Italiana Poetry Slam.

Flynn Von Kleist Born in Amsterdam in 1987. Moved with his family to Clonakilty, West Cork, on the South coast of Ireland in January 1997. Began studying at the National Film School, Dublin, in 2005 and graduated in 2009 specializing in directing and editing. Moved back to Amsterdam in 2009 to study at the National Film Academy where he graduated as a fiction director in 2013. 

Simone Stritti Micozzi
Dj, Dancer, Mc and Producer since 1988 he is in the Ancona hip hop scene.In ’95 he begins to teach Hip Hop Freestyle, among his collaborations as a dancer: OTR, Sottotono,Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, The Next One. He starts DJing in ’94 and hosts programs on U-Bahn Radio and the streaming broadcast “We Got Flava” up to “Colors” on m2o. Among the recordreleases as MC: Nostalgic, HipHopCorn, Re-Rappresento and Livematazz. Teacher at the “Poliarte”Academy of Hip Hop Dance, History of Hip Hop Culture and Deejaing at La Luna Dance Centerand various Rap Laboratories in High Schools with the “Rap-Porti” project. In 2022 his book “DueStrade Più Avanti”has beenpublished

Renato Rigs Casini
Renato Casini Aka B Boy Rigs is a Federal Technician and break dance teacher for 20 years,specialized in children’s propaedeutics. Sensitized on issues such as Trisomy 21 and Rubinstein-TaybiSyndrome, over the years he has collaborated with various non-profit organizations andhospitals, thus verifying the therapeutic benefits of contact with the various disciplines of UrbanCulture.

Jacopo Ferri
Jacopo Ferri, aka Dead Poet, began his journey as a bboy in 2009 in Rome, becoming a member ofthe Raw muzzlez crew in 2014, with which he had the opportunity to travel the world, delving intonumerous aspects of hip hop culture. He graduated in Ethno-anthropological Disciplines in 2021 atLa Sapienza, with a thesis entitled: “Incorporation, intercorporeality and formativeness in hip hopculture: the practice of breaking”. In which analyzes related to the study of practices located withincultural learning contexts are proposed. Since 2017 he has been an active member and co-founderof the Seeds Roma-Growing hip hop collective, promoter of entertainment and culturaldissemination events.

Hassani Le Couvreur
Hassani Le Couvreur is 28 years old and born in Paramaribo, Suriname. Hassani started at KL dance in 2010. There he became acquainted with the styles Hiphop and House (popping and Locking). After three years of studying and understanding the dance styles, Hassani discovered Shailesh Bahoran. He immediately followed him and threw himself into this progressive way of popping. That same year he also met Steve Nestar and learned all the basic techniques and flows of House. Hassani loves to watch other people grow and prosper. He gets a lot of energy to contribute to that process through dance. In 2021 he started developing his skills as a maker through the talent program One Night’s Dance, a collaboration between Dansateliers and Lloydscompany.

She is a philologist, poet, and performance artist. She is also a cultural producer, and Deputy Executive Director of the global organization Hip Hop Works..