New Dance TV is an online media company promoting the beautiful world of dancing and giving it the platforms it deserves. Driven by the roots of our culture, we are determined to make the world of Street Dance known to a global audience.

Golden Sneakers International Hip Hop Film Festival takes place annually in Hamburg, and presents a celebration of Hip Hop films, directors and live music, and the importance of uniting, and fighting hate and racism through music.

Initiate by RStyle and supported by the Mission Cinéma of Paris, the Urban Films Festival is the first film festival dedicated to the Urban cultures, showing the customs and the lifestyles of this social trend.

Wild up crew is a bgirl crew (break dance crew composed by all woman) active in the national and international panorama with shows, workshops and hip hop culture promotion.

The Legits Clan is a family of urban artists worldwide, who live their passions and share a common vision, emphasizing quality over quantity in life. The Clan travels the world, spreads The Legits movement, and inspires the communities thru their passion and art.

HollyHood is the film festival, organized together with a young team from Potsdam and Berlin and Cultus
UG. In a week they deal with the origins and history of development, hip hop culture and its own
four art forms: break, rap, DJ and graffiti.

Reality born from the experience of @formusictv. They creates specific events, formats and promotions for each brand, all for music and its protagonists.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx celebrates and preserves the history of local and global Hip Hop music and culture to inspire, empower, and promote understanding.

Embassy and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy.

The Hip-Hop Odyssey (H2O) International Film Festival was the first and largest festival of its kind. It was launched on November 13, 2002, at the Bronx Museum of the Arts by a group of filmmakers, educators, activists, and entrepreneurs. Exhibiting an array of narrative and documentary films from around the world, many with social justice themes, the mission of H2O is to utilize Hip-Hop culture as a tool to effectively encourage critical thinking, social change, and unity while empowering filmmakers and the community.

WHO?MAG TV is the leading hip-hop multimedia company airing in over 280,000,000 households worldwide with the biggest interviews in hip-hop. They focus on interviews, music videos. live performances, live DJ sets, music distribution, and more.

The Goethe-Institut is a non-profit German cultural association operational worldwide with 159 institutes, promoting the study of the German language abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange and relations. Around 246,000 people take part in these German courses per year.

Break Mission is a Community Hip-Hop events and educational (CIC) that brings people together to experience a cultural understanding of what the Hip-Hop community is really about and also raising awareness of the homeless situation in our local community through dance, music and art as a way of giving back with clothes and food donations as entry to the events themselves.

Battle Box TV is an Italian platform that deals with VIDEO | PODCAST | BREAKING | HIPHOP | CULTURE | NEWS | MUSIC. It also has a channel on Spotify with which tells breakin’ lifestyle in podcast version.

The Prize aims to enhance and stimulate youth artistic production in the field of poetry aloud (spoken word, poetry slam) and poetry with music (spoken music, rap) by favoring innovative experiences capable of giving real development to the artistic expression in these fields in which Alberto ‘Dubito’ Feltrin was one of the best known and most refined exponents of the younger generations.

A Civil Society Organization of Public Interest OSCP, founded to strengthen urban culture in all styles, its main objective is to fight for Human Rights and fight drugs with social interaction activities, dance and sporting events.

Originate breaking is an online club where they promotes breaking and share different views and experiences about breaking that motivate and inspire many people, through one on one interactions and tutorials on YouTube and Instagram platforms in Africa.

It is an Italian organization of activists in the field of Hip Hop Culture, created with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and social events and projects and disseminating their founding values and principles.

THE INDEPENDENT CARTEL is an operational network of formal and informal working groups active in the independent movie industry born in 2017. It promotes the free sharing of knowledge and the mutual support between productions and departments between and within the same categories, focusing on analysis of key issues for the development of the indempendent industry such as production, distribution and new technologies applied to the optimization of the internal work of the departments.

From wall 2 hall is a project based in Rome that aims to create cultural initiatives that have as their fulcrum exhibitions related to the world of graffiti with hip hop djsets.

The Groovin Brothers represent the evolution of a very complex path. The basic dance principles are at the service of a project that encompasses all forms of Hip-Hop culture. Experience, feeling and passion have been handed down for years, a slow and meticulous process where love for music is translated into lifeblood.

The radio of music and independent information! Radio città aperta, social commitment and constant attention to Italian and international political events.

The Lithuanian Culture Institute is a state budgetary institution founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Its function is to promote Lithuanian culture abroad and to present Lithuania to the world through culture. Until 2014, The Lithuanian Culture Institute was known as the International Cultural Programme Centre.

Blocal is a Blog written and maintained by Giulia. The blog is about unconventional destinations, abandoned places, street art, suburbs, urban landscapes, weird spots… She collects her travel stories on-line to help fellow independent travellers to discover some curious and unconventional spots which they won’t find on travel guides, to share her emotions and point of view on a destination and to inspire people to travel off-the-beaten path.

It is a collective of female DJs from all over the world.