It’s possible to support the festival entirely or for a single section on a various levels, that will be agreed with the third part. The aim of the festival is to find the best solution for each sponsor to valorize its peculiarities.
Each section has a separeted budget and it is possible to become the main sponsor of one of them, or of the entire festival.
Follows the list of the sections and activities that can be supported and implemented by the sponsors with inkinds and/or economical support.

Movie competion: 2 weeks of digital streaming, physical screenings and award ceremony

Panels: contnents and guests

Art expo: contnents and set up

– Party & Side events: street art tour, workshops, projections pre event, party night

Advertising & media: press office, implementation of the streaming platform, social media and general communication.

All the sponsors’ benefits are going to be agreed in matter of terms and details with the organization, in order to find a dedicated solution.



We think there are many ways to contribute to the festival’s success, we belive that media partnerships are fundamental to grow the visibility  of the festival and the movie subscription call.
We are looking for support  for social broadcasting and press divulgation in many ways, from the social media sharing, to reviews, to interviews, to sending of mailing list and whichever creative solution might help different audiences to join together in the .

TO KNOW MORE and have the full detailed opportunity package CONTACT US AT: or 0039-0689711987