Director: Pascal Tessaud
Country:  France
Runtime: 60 minutes
Synopsis: Beatbox, boom bap around the world takes us around the planet with international beatbox stars. We follow legends such as Sly Johnson in France, Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad in New York, and also current French champions such as BMG, Flashbox and Alem getting ready for Berlin’s worldwide championship, on May 2015.
From Scat singing to the vocal jazz of Bobby Mc Ferrin, from block parties in the Bronx to spectacular championship events, we shall blend archives with contemporary images to narrate the story of this blooming, singular, art form.

CornerStore Culture 201: The Making of the Sidewalk Science LP

Director: SPIZZA
Country:  United States
Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes 28 seconds
Synopsis: Have you ever wondered… What it truly takes… To record an album??? Come take a Journey with HEADSTRONG as he creates his new Opus: Sidewalk Science


Director:  Roberto Pili
Country:  Italy
Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes 14 seconds
Synopsis:  Hip hop and its four main disciplines (the four fundamental arts) have represented an important cultural movement of global significance from the 1980s until today. A culture born in the American ghettos as an artistic outlet of the periphery, of the disadvantaged classes. Music, dance, graffiti as a chance for redemption.
A committed and positive urban counterculture that has marked the path of at least three generations.

Hello my name is: German Graffiti

Director:  Stefan Pohl
Country:  Germany
Runtime: 1 hour 4 minutes 15 seconds
Synopsis:  Graffiti is variegated. As much variety as the styles does have the people doing it. Still one thing connects them all – the love of their art.
From illegal street and train graffiti over classical style writing and time-consuming Murals till events, exhibitions, photography and media. Through short profiles you will be introduced to some of the greatest and most outstanding players of the German scene.
Thereby you get authentic insights into the variety and quality of this scene.

Voci da dentro (Voices from Inside)

Director:  Michele Imperio
Country:  Italy
Runtime: 1 hour
Synopsis:  Defence for Children International Italia, an association that deals with children’s rights, organises a rap music laboratories in the JPM (Juvenile Penal Institutes) of Bari and Turin with Kento, a rapper and writer from Reggio Calabria. The laboratory becomes an opportunity to listen to the voices of the adolescents who are locked up in prison. It becomes an opportunity to give voice to their thoughts, to their reflections on the words ‘rights’, ‘future’, ‘freedom’; words with a high social significance which often clash with the harshness of everyday life. Thanks to the workshop, the boys are able to write and record two rap songs that summarise a personal and collective condition that needs more attention from eve-ryone.


Director:  Gilles ROF, Daarwin
Country: France
Runtime: 60 minutes
Synopsis:  This ‘hyperlink’ documentary tells the tale of hip-hop in Marseille, a musical, cultural and societal phenomenon that built an incredible success story over the course of the last 30 years.


Director:  Tommaso Rotolo
Country:  Italy
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes 32 seconds
Synopsis:  The documentary aims to address the issue of the right to live in Rome and stems from the need to describe the new “habitats” that redefine and redesign the urban agglomeration of a great metropolis like Rome. Occupations that create new communities and add value to abandoned spaces. Expiring contracts that are not renewed after 100 years. Imminent evictions and families, with a high presence of minors, relocated temporarily. Men and women who simply dream of a “normal” life in the sign of “residence”.
Is the value of a property worth the history of a community?


Director:  Alessandro Redaelli
Country: Italy
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Synopsis:  In between Bresso, Sesto San Giovanni and Milan we dive into the lives of Vash and Felce: they play music together and shoot heroin, and they share everything. Their reality sometimes is brutal, sometimes ironic, tragic and romantic. Their eternal rebellion neither has a cause, a reason nor an end. Vash and Felce grew up in Bresso, between the football pitches, graffitis, fights, public housing and occupied apartments. They have met thanks to rap music, murals and the common passions for esotericism and drugs, and they became friends despite their different life paths (Felce is in his thirties and has graduated in Architecture, Vash is younger and dropped school at 14). They record songs, play gigs, and spend time between occasional jobs and dealing. They both come from Bresso, and both share a dream of escaping from the city. They are suburban musicians with a random culture and disorganized friendships. Funeralopolis doesn’t talk about heroin. It isn’t an investigation on the effects of addiction. It doesn’t want to explain or judge or enhance the lifestyle of its protagonists. It is basically a film about two friends. Two guys in the quest to find the meaning of life, until death approaches. They’re lost in an eternal wander in a city that seems like a desert, while talking about sex and religion, doing too much drugs, singing about decay and violence, dancing between the graves in the cemetery.

Puso Ng Pinoy Bboy

Producer:  Clifton Abuan
Country:  United States
Runtime: 59 minutes
Synopsis:  A story of three Bboys (Breakdancers) from different backgrounds but with the same passion in life. The Philippines has amazing bboys (breakdancers) with many struggles & hardships. Unknown stories that must be known to the world. This is not just a dance, but a dance that gives hope in a place where hope is hard to find. Puso ng Pinoy Bboy…the heart of the Philippine Bboy.

Santo Amaro Was a Skateboarder

Director:  Felipe Martins
Country:  Brazil
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes
Synopsis:  Ademar Luquinhas is a young skater who has had his life transformed by sport. Born and raised in the community of Santo Amaro, an environment surrounded by illusions, he is attached to the teachings of his parents, who have always struggled for the future of their children. When he injured his knee and had to start a painful rehabilitation process, he took advantage of the moment to create a video channel, which soon became reference in the middle. Now he has a new project: to build, within his community, a skateboard. Santo Amaro was a skater telling this story.

Napolizm Vol.2

Director:  Alberto Polo Cretara
Country: Italy
Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes
Synopsis:  The city of Naples, describes tru the lyrics of the second generation of Neapolitan rappers! A very difficult ott, with its many faces and places, well represented by this young poets, that survives the chaos of this millenarian city!


Producer:  Carmelo Raneri
Country:  Italy
Runtime: 55 minutes
Synopsis:  Alamar is a suburban “barrio” located to the east of Havana (CUBA); in the neighborhood some artists, tell the reality in which they live. A community context in which poems, graffiti and Hip-Hop music are mixed, through an expressive dialogue of peace and friendship, where the protagonists share their ideas and their dreams, with a sense of common belonging to their place of origin and at the same time as an individual experience. While in, the US President Obama, visits Cuba for the first time since the Cuban revolution, and the Rolling Stones, sing “Satisfaction” in a historic concert in Havana.

Cres: One Life

Director:  Georgius Misjura
Country: Estonia
Runtime: 20 minutes 46 seconds
Synopsis:  Carlos “Cres” Santiago is not a stereotypical rapper. After quitting his job as a sales representative to pursue his dream, Cres moves from Alicante, Spain, to New York, where he meets Alex F. Ghassan – a talented director, who had been working with many artists but tragically passed away in 2016. We follow Cres’ collaborations with well-known rappers in New York in the early 2010’s – we dive into the process of how music videos have been created with some of the most legendary artists. More than that, we get to understand the creative processes that usually stay behind the scenes. The film shows the human side of hip-hop and the philosophy of the creative process.

Snaps for Momo

Director:  Anna-Lena Ponath
Country: Germany
Runtime: 15 minutes 52 seconds
Synopsis:  SNAPS for Momo is a short documentary about Oakland-based dancer Demone “Momo” Lebeau. The film offers a glimpse into his everyday life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite facing difficult living conditions, Momo succeeds in inspiring his students with a clear passion for dancing. The unfiltered images give light to a charismatic worldview that brightens the lives of not only his students, but everyone he encounters.

BREAKING BORDERS: Somar // How Dance Saved A Refugee

Director: Daniel Zhu, Jennifer Whalen
Country: United States
Runtime: 6 minutes 24 seconds
Synopsis: Daniel Zhu is the creative director and co-founder of StanceElements, a production company immersed in the art of movement. Since its inception in 2014, StanceElements has partnered with Red Bull, Monster, Olympics, and international tourism bureaus in creating content and managing their social media pages. His content has been featured on Joe Rogan and the front page of Reddit on occasions. Currently, Daniel’s excitement in social media is showcasing breaking in the Olympics, which will debut in Paris 2024. He is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and has lived in South Korea, Alaska, Mauritania, and Senegal.

We Stand Together

Director:  Juru Jean Hilaire, Clara Anicito
Country: Italy
Runtime: 17 minutes 6 seconds
Synopsis: The short documentary “We Stand Together” stems from a question: can Hip Hop culture be considered a tool to tackle racial discrimination?
To answer this question, four Afro-descendant dancers from Rome were interviewed, who decided to self-represent themselves through a video clip, using dance as a language of communication.
The personal stories of each, although different from each other, are united by an indissoluble bond: Hip Hop. This bond leads them to be fully free to express themselves.

Focus on your dreams

Director: José Miguel Garrido Valdés
Country: Chile
Runtime: 00:18:00
Synopsis: Maxi leads a cultural center where live young people who dedicate themselves to the 4 elements of hip hop urban art. This film is a journey through their personal dreams and the dreams of the population in the land occupation of which it is part.

IN SA IA – Journey into the Sardinian Rap

Director: Marco Tanca
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:20:00
Synopsis: “IN SA IA – Journey into the Sardinian Rap” by Marco Tanca is a low-budget, non-profit documentary that aims to raise awareness and promote the Sardinian rap.
Through the testimonies of the protagonists themselves, the different styles are told, to provide the viewer with an overview of the major exponents of the regional rap scene.
Scene that from the beginning has been able to establish itself and carve out its own space even on the national stage. Today, if we think of an artist like Salmo, it is the demonstration of how our land is rich in talents and an impressive creative forge for what is now the best-selling and followed musical genre.
“IN SA IA”, means in the street, it is the title of a song by Sa Razza present in the first recording work published by a Sardinian rap group in 1991. An explicit tribute to those who started and an ideal thread that reaches artists younger, for a project that aims to photograph the current state of rap made in Sardinia.
The documentary will be uploaded on the main video viewing channels (YouTube and Vimeo) and will participate in various competitions (national and international) to enhance and make known this important Sardinian musical heritage.
The logo of “IN SA IA” was created by the artist Manu Invisible.

Megamorphesis: The Hip Hop Quest for Enlightenment

Director: Michael B MacDonald
Country: Canada
Runtime: 00:29:46
Synopsis: Every week Dre Pharoh and iD meet with young Edmonton hiphoppas at a local community centre. Together they make a knowledge cypher called Cipher5 where they work towards developing both skills and better selves. This is a film about one of those meetings where they talk about HipHop Kulture and build a new hip-hop track about their transformation to a higher self, Megamorephesis.

Mcheza Ngoma

Director: Michael Maurissens
Country: Germany
Runtime: 00:29:20
Synopsis: ‘Umoja’ explores the relation between traditional and contemporary dance in the Eastern African context. Shot in the frame of the 2019 Haba na Haba Festival, it presents the role and the practice of dance in the Tanzanian society.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Director: Dalton Tokarczyk
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:07:30
Synopsis: Indie rapper Marcel “FloStorm” Jones reflects on his experiences as a protestor who was arrested during the George Floyd-inspired protests during the late spring of 2020.

Where Mind Can’t Reach

Director: Aleksey Siman
Country: Estonia
Runtime: 00:07:18
Synopsis: Jose Minaya, a dance artist from Huanuco, Peru, takes us on an emotional journey through his adolescent life of becoming a professional urban dancer while dealing with unpredictable family adversities. This short documentary sketch touches on some of the important events that took place in Jose’s life and the way it transformed him into the artist he is today.


Director: Benoit Chevalier
Country: France
Runtime: 00:17:45
Synopsis:  The crowd, the music, the concrete. And then, a show. William’s show. He always wanted to dance. Lost kid in Dinard (France), he discovered Hip Hop culture at the age of 12, then never left the street again.

Dancing With GeNie

Director: Paul Plett
Country: Canada
Runtime: 00:07:58
Synopsis: GeNie Baffoe is a hip-hop dancer based in Winnipeg, Canada. This is his story.

Space, Time, Light

Director: Dan Fontanelli
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:04:00
Synopsis: ‘Custodian of the soul.’ Eddie Otchere is a photographer who searches for the very essence of his subject. A renowned documenter of urban music scenes his archive includes icons of the golden age of hip-hop, R&B, the Detroit scene and the birth of drum and bass in the UK.
Beyond the final image Otchere’s work is concerned with the entire practice of photography, he’s fiercely analogue, entirely dedicated to the craft and regards his negatives as glimpses of his sitters soul, treating them with respect and reverence.

In Love with Craziness / Forelska i Galskap

Director: Melanie Ekholdt
Country: Norway
Runtime: 00:20:00
Synopsis: A young man’s struggle with ADHD; his portal to drug use, experiences a metamorphic coming of age through the creative energy of rap music.

“Why do I judge myself, when the whole world is already doing it?” was the line in ‘#Speil’ (‘Mirror’), a song performed by norwegian rap artist Michael Kildal, which went straight to the heart of child psychiatrist Melanie Ekholdt. Fascinated by his artistic expression and energy, she invited him to a series of candid video-documented conversations between the two. The short documenatry film ‘In Love with Craziness’ is based on these conversations, incorporating Kildal’s music videos and personal photo albums.

Don’t Look Down

Director: Homeboy Sandman & Photo Rob
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:12:44
Synopsis: There we were shooting a music video for my song “Don’t Look Down,” and all of a sudden it morphed into a mini documentary. It’s about me jumping from the roof of one building to another. And how I trained for it. And why I’d do such a thing even though many people would say I don’t “have to.” And why they’re wrong. It’s also about truth and art.

Ed Grime

Director: Margherita Boccali
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:15:00
Synopsis: Nicola, aka Ed Grime, is a young artist struggling with the transition to adulthood. He has grown up in a small town near Vicenza and rap music has always been part of his life.
Rap is indeed Grime lifeline: through music he gives voice to his inner emotions and his view of the world around him.
Grime shares his passion for music with some of his friends, together they feel strong enough to chase one dream: opening a recording studio and producing music.
Shortly before the pandemic broke out, Grime and his friends were ready to launch their record label, Redshift Records, with a concert that would mark their debut on the scene.
The expected date was February 29th 2020, but one week before first covid-19 infections appeared in the nearby little town of Vo’ Euganeo, resulting in the cancellation of all musical events in the area. The pandemic, on one hand, blew their shows but on the other, it allowed Grime and his crew to forge deeper bonds and make their first album all together.

AMARU – For The Record: The Making Of “Champagne Attitude”

Director: AMARU
Country: Netherland
Runtime: 00:23:04
Synopsis: This documentary chronicles the making of AMARU’s debut album “Champagne Attitude”. From recording sessions to other anecdotes to the actual pressing of the album, this documentary gives the viewer great insight into the production of this award winning and independently released CD!

Break Mission

Director: Benny Williams
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:14:15
Synopsis: Break Mission is a Community Hip-Hop events and educational (CIC) that brings people together to experience a cultural understanding of what the Hip-Hop community is really about and also raising awareness of the homeless situation in our local community through dance, music, and art as a way of giving back with clothes and food donations as entry to the events themselves. We are also a registered community interest company in the UK(Company No.9316822 ) which was created in 2012 by David Russell, also known as ‘Footloose’ and Justin Lie, known as ‘JustRoc’. The original concept of Break Mission was inspired by a Break Dance event which was held in Bronx, New York by Aby from The Bronx Boys rocking Crew 1975 original concrete rocking crew and it required ‘no entry fees but food and clothes.
The vision of Break Mission is to “give back” to the community by working with charities in order to help homeless people in the UK and around the world, to support the local community through holding events by collecting food and recycled clothes.
The theme of our events is ‘Donate to Participate’. We only require our attendees to bring non-perishable food or recycled clothes to the event instead of paying any entry fees. All the goods will be given to local charity depends on the event location. In the UK, we had worked with Wood Street Mission in Manchester and, in Malaysia, The Pusat Old Folks Home and many other local charities around the world.

AJ The Cypher Cat

Director: Break Mission
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:17:29
Synopsis: Aijon Brown aka AJ The Cypher Cat is a Wolverhampton born and raised British Breaking Champion – leader of the crew ‘Young Geniuses’. He has travelled the world competing and taking on some of the biggest names in Breaking to become one of the most recognised B-boys in the UK and he is always pushing himself mentally and physically to the best of his abilities and is a guiding light for many young aspiring dancers.

Facce nere

Director: Romina Carota
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 00:31:25
Synopsis: On April 8, 2019, a group of 8 young people flew to Pescara, in the Abruzzo Region in Italy. This trip was organized by the Youth Service as part of a memory work on the themes of Italian immigration to Belgium and the Bois-du-Cazier mine disaster on August 8, 1956.

During their stay in Italy, our young people from Liège walked in the footsteps of these men by paying them homage in their village. In particular, they had the opportunity to meet and discuss with certain members of their families.

Among the group are Chems and Dylan, two young urban dancers from the La Baraka Youth Center, accompanied by a choreographer. They were invited to join the play “Dall’altra parte del cuore” – “On the other side of the heart”, by Italian director Federica Vicino. These dancers were thus able to contribute their know-how and prove that urban art also has its place in a dramatic work.

The other part of the group is made up of 5 students from HELMO HEPL, in the second year of the Bachelor in International Cooperation. These young girls walked the streets of Pescara with a camera, filming the different stages of the project and collecting testimonies.

From these images was born the documentary “Facce nere”.

All It Gives

Director: Talia Woodland
Country: Canada
Runtime: 00:15:00
Synopsis: Showcasing one of Toronto’s best up and coming Hiphop dancing stars, “All It Gives” follows the story of Kosi Eze, a Nigerian immigrant who moved to Canada when she was 14. Her transition to the country brought immense culture shock, loneliness and loss of identity. She was immediately hooked by the vibrant HipHop scene in Toronto and Mississauga. After meeting key members of the dance community Marcelino “FrostFlow” DaCosta, Mariano “Glizzi” Abarca and Caroline “Lady C” Fraser, she was able to meet even more new people, share perspectives, and excel as a dancer in the Toronto community and beyond. From dancing in the hallways at her high school, to winning battles across the globe, Kosi’s story of growth is a glowing example of how the power of Hiphop can inspire, uplift and support anyone who needs it and wants to discover it.

Dope talents 2019 – 2020

Director: Dopeman Hagdope
Country: Armenia
Runtime: 00:04:30
Synopsis: Videos around the world with different dance styles and races

Hip-Hop: A Culture of Peace

Director: Stephen Tyson Jr.
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:32:28
Synopsis: A documentary film created by Stephen Tyson Jr., which examines the role of Hip-Hop culture as an international purveyor of peace through the arts & media. This film was created for his Master’s thesis in International Peace & Conflict Resolution at Arcadia University in conjunction with NY Film Academy.

Spaghetti Flava

Director: Luigi & Chiara Destino
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:04:52
Synopsis: We decided to make this documentary to attempt to illustrate what Spaghetti Flava is to us and what it represents. It’s not just an event but is a mission of sharing, brotherhood, culture, and Breaking.

Good Vision

Renegades Reality

Director: Alessio Venditti
Country: Italy
Runtime: 15 minutes
Synopsis: A documentary about how the Italian breaking community lived the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affected their lives.

Crashfest 2019

Director: Gijs Mortier
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 9 minutes 19 seconds
Synopsis: Crashfest as part of “Notorius IBE Festival”: A place to experience music, dance, art, fashion and cultural programs related to hip hop dance culture. Each year the festival comes to life through a collaboration of partners from the worldwide community who curate their own programs, invite their own artists and connect to their own following. It’s taking place in Netherlands.

Renegades Reality

Director: Alessio Venditti
Country: Italy
Runtime: 15 minutes
Synopsis: A documentary about how the Italian breaking community lived the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affected their lives.

Crashfest 2019

Director: Gijs Mortier
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 9 minutes 19 seconds
Synopsis: Crashfest as part of “Notorius IBE Festival”: A place to experience music, dance, art, fashion and cultural programs related to hip hop dance culture. Each year the festival comes to life through a collaboration of partners from the worldwide community who curate their own programs, invite their own artists and connect to their own following. It’s taking place in Netherlands.

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Director: Pascal Tessaud
Country: France
Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes
Synopsis: Coralie runs away from Switzerland. She arrives in Paris to take her chance into Hip Hop music. She’s hired as a cook in a local association in the parisian suburb of Saint-Denis. Coralie meets Issa, the rising star of the hood…

Panda Bear it

Director: Evan Kidd
Country: United States
Runtime: 1 hour 3 minutes 10 seconds
Synopsis: Local rapper Kamus Leonardo’s world is upended upon the sudden death of his girlfriend Destiny. To make matters worse he’s hanging out with a panda bear.


Director: Ricardo Landaverde
Country: El Salvador
Runtime: 1 hour 8 minutes
Synopsis: In the capital of El Salvador, the drivers of a bus, a taxi, a minibus and a private car confront the ravages of 12 years of civil war that continue to torment the country.

Da Big Zip

Director: Nick Alonzo
Country: United States
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Synopsis: The life of an unknown aspiring rapper and drug dealer becomes more complicated after he misplaces his fanny pack containing money and weed.


Director: Vincent Miller, Trevor Swan (Assisstant Director)
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:17:00
Synopsis: A friendship implodes due to jealousy and misperception

So I Married My Best Friend

Director: Dante Parker
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:06:12
Synopsis: Two best friends wake up from a night of partying with no memory of what events transpired the night before, to discover that they are married.


Director: Michael B MacDonald
Country: Canada
Runtime: 00:32:09
Synopsis: Amplify, an Indigenous hiphoppa and member of the Edmonton based hip hop group Unspittable reflects over the three years the group has been together in the hour before a gig. Full of intimate performances, Unspittable is an improvised ethno-fiction film that brings the audience into the reality of Indigenous hip hop in urban Canada following the group from its formation to its maturity.


Director: Massimo Bologna
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:04:11
Synopsis: A man, blinded by a strong light, starts walking in a wood carrying a heavy bag. Along the way, something catches his attention.

Island in the Sky

Director: Nick Radford
Country: Australia
Runtime: 00:13:59
Synopsis: “Island in the Sky” is a three-part musical drama based on the music of Sydney/NYC-based indie-rap band, Fallstars. It focuses on a young partygoer who, over the course of a weekend, discovers a mysterious but friendly light that helps him overcome heartbreak.


Director: Stephanie Alecia Rose, Brandon Smallwood
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:15:07
Synopsis: In this intense silent film, embellished with a soundtrack that is dripping with heavy bass and lyrics, watch two best friends make perilous decisions to make money for rent.


Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:10:56
Synopsis: “Fame” in italian means hunger. Omar is twenty and he can’t satisfy his hunger. Not only because he had to fight for every meal since he was a kid, but also because he has a dream. And people like him usually doesn’t have the right to dream. But Omar has a talent and he’s fighting everyday so he can show it to the world. Until the day his “fame” will bring him his Fame.

Make it soul

Director: Jean-Charles MBOTTI-MALOLO
Country: France
Runtime: 14 minutes 39 seconds
Synopsis: Chicago, winter 1965. The Regal Theater hosts James Brown and Solomon Burke, two monuments of Soul music. Backstage, everyone is under pressure. But in the 60’s in America, both of them know that their music got unsuspected powers.

Pop zombie

Director: Dominique Shine
Country: France
Runtime: 6 minutes 23 seconds
Synopsis: A group of friends discover an old abandoned house in a cemetery.Determined to explore it, they are not at the end of their surprises.

Game Over

Director: Dalius Kalinauskas
Country: Lithuania
Runtime: 34 minutes 57 seconds
Synopsis: Low Air Vilnius city dance theatre presents an innovative dance film about the live dance installation which connects both visual and urban dance art, inspired by the author Julio Cortázar.Game Over is a visual dance and live music performance which during the circumstance ruled by COVID-19 became a film with the rules of the games with the imagination that Julio Cortázar has created more than a hundred years ago.


Director: Joshua Caleb Horton
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:15:13
Synopsis: INSECURITY is a buddy cop Hip-Hop comedy. Nate and Jake are the “other guys” of campus security. These lowly security guards are grossly underpaid, bullied by students, and antagonized by the campus police officers.
When Nate and Jake finally get the chance to be the cops they’ve always dreamed of, it doesn’t necessarily go as planned… Or does it? Most of us are insecure, some of us are INSECURITY.


Director: Pascal Tessaud
Country: France
Runtime: 4 minutes 31 seconds
Synopsis: Music video shot in the South Bronx, Harlem Riverside & Lower East side with the crew GET OPEN in New York

No retreat, No Surrender

Director: Pascal Tessaud
Country: France
Runtime: 2 minutes 58 seconds
Synopsis: Music Video shot in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NYC with the legendary CHIP FU from Fu Schnickens featuring the Frenchy Kaot’f

Die on my feet

Director: SPIZZA
Country: United States
Runtime: 4 minutes 57 seconds
Synopsis: Video for the artist known as SPADEone the REDD*OMEGGa

THE MATRIX / Influence of a Great Fear

Director: SPIZZA
Country: United States
Runtime: 4 minutes 7 seconds
Synopsis: This is a music video created for the recording artist known as RhymRcka (Rhyme-recka). This video was never released for the song.


Director: Etienne de Durocher
Country: Canada
Runtime: 2 minutes 48 seconds
Synopsis: Videoclip against police violence

Diamante – Bahia

Director: Edvaldo Raw
Country: Italy
Runtime: 4 minutes 35 seconds
Synopsis: The film shows a little bit of the experience of a woman resident of Salvador city in Brasil, in this quarantine moment.


Director: Craig Thomas
Country: United States
Runtime: 4 minutes 8 seconds
Synopsis: Dealing with the loss of a loved one.

One punch band

Director: Thomas T Fasciana
Country: Italy
Runtime: 6 minutes 48 seconds
Synopsis: “One Punch Band” is a rap video featuring the hip hop group Romanderground and The Old Skull, rock and metal band.
The video was realesed on 26th march 2021 on Tak records youtube channel.

The Best Stars

Director: Daniele Guardia
Country: Italy
Runtime: 3 minutes 22 seconds
Synopsis: “Le mejo stelle”, wrote, directed and created by Daniele Guardia and Marco Langatta, it tells about Rome in its eternal lights and shades.


Director: Velve
Country: Germany
Runtime: 6 minutes 53 seconds
Synopsis: Berlin singer and techno producer VELVE’s lyrics from the Lamentations of the Gospel are dealing with the obscuration of gold – this theme is orchestrated by VELVE through having renowned Berlin graffiti artist “Rocco & His Brothers” create the songtitle AURUM in visual form and therefore being chased by her.
It’s VELVE’s second musicvideo as a filmmaker. Her first musicvideo ABSTINENCE entered semi-finals in Lissabon and Queens so far.

It’s Breaking

Director: Martin Gilian
Country: Slovakia
Runtime: 2 minutes 51 seconds
Synopsis: This song was created in order to support the campaign to change “breakdance” to “breaking” in the dance community and also as the official name of our dance for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024

AMARU – Champagne Attitude (Rap-Titude Mix)

Director: AMARU
Country: Netherlands
Country: Suriname Republic
Runtime: 3 minutes 17 seconds
Synopsis: The “Rap-titude Mix” of “Champagne Attitude” is a track about adultery experienced from a man’s perspective. Both in lyrics and style this rap remix differs from the original rock version that appears on AMARU’s debut album “Champagne Attitude”.


Director: Michele Vantini
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:02:30
Synopsis: “All’infinito” is a short pastoral poem dedicated to nature, the undisputed mistress.
Man, initially a victim of the system and locked up in a monotonous loop, curiously discovers the deepest and most primitive dimension of himself and becomes free to be part of creation until he becomes confused with it.


Director: Reign visuals
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:03:47
Synopsis: This visual is dedicated to black trans women whom have been killed …

Dimitri & The Scarecrow – Act of War

Director: Dimitri D. Kwenda, Daniel Semulema
Runtime: 00:03:38
Synopsis: A strongly constructed barrage of activist conviction. Written with concise dominion over the faculties of the social turmoil which has brought the worst out of Africans. Due to desperation fostered by policies meant to fasten society to indentured servitude to economies which promote poverty for the many and opportunity for the worst of African society. This is an ACT OF WAR…


Director: Xavier Luciano
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:03:59
Synopsis: Philadelphia rapper Ellect (Stephen Tyson Jr.) performs “BLM” directed by filmmaker XVR (Xavier Luciano). Concept by Ellect.

Written and produced by Ellect. Co-produced by 6 Stringz (Phillip Pearce). Dance performances by Xavier Luciano, Tyler Brown, Ashley Simone, Re-Mus, & Soku Massimo.

Contains original footage from Xavier Luciano and Stephen Tyson Jr. from 2020 protests in Philadelphia support of black lives against racial and police injustices that occur in the United States of America and around the world.


Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:03:42
Synopsis: Nootempo factory presents the first solo video of Quilo Sa Razza, one of the pioneers of Sardinian hip hop returns with a cryptic song entitled BeatPolarisM which is available exclusively on Youtube from today. The beat was artfully packaged by the Sardinian producer Gangalistics who also took care of the mix and mastering.


Director: Jacopo Testone
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:03:16
Synopsis: A homeless who lives in a jungle-city and tries to survive through the music.

Fluffy Dice

Director: Renee Kypriotis
Country: Australia
Runtime: 00:04:50
Synopsis: We would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Custodians of the land in which this music video was filmed.
We would also like to pay our respects to the
Elders of the Kulin Nation both past, present and emerging, and extend that respect
to all other Indigenous Australians. We recognise that we currently reside on stolen land, and that sovereignty has never been ceded.


Director: Filip Pląskowski
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 4 minutes 25 seconds
Synopsis: In Battlefield, the Emcees describes Rap Music as a warzone, expressed metaphorically through the video.

The imagery put into action is that of a Battlefield, where lyrics replace weapons and the metrics are the tactics to prevail against the opponent.

Hip Hop has always been a competition, from the Breakdance to the Graffiti scenario, that healthy competition aims to push to the limit and more your own skills and the result is always innovation and evolution.

In Battlefield the scenography and photography, with that cinematographic cut, are the keys to deliver the warzone fictional along with the clothing and a whole squad of SoftAir players.

Rockwilderz condemns any act of violence and is against wars of any kind, unfortunately, the last weeks have brought back to the world’s attention yet another conflict, yet other deaths.

Do the math

Director: Robert Young, Raphael Xavier
Country: United States
Runtime: 3 minutes 12 seconds
Synopsis: At a time when racism was at it’s peak and senseless killings of youths by police officers were rampant this multi-disciplinary hip hop artist wanted to show another side of the streets and how the youth gathered in form of protest through bike culture. This artist represented his skills on the mic, bike and Breaking. Highlighting the diversity and power of street culture.


Director: Daniela Cono, Lello Raia
Country: Italy
Runtime: 15 minutes
Synopsis: Freshello is a graphic animation project that explains the history of Hip Hop to kids. The the storyteller is a teenage lucky horn who spread fresh drops of knowledge in rhyme.

See-Goal. Rise the vibe.

Director: Daniela Cono
Country: Italy
Runtime: 15 minutes 33 seconds
Synopsis: See-goal is about the journey toward the hardest and farest goal: deep inside ourselves. An unknown place where dreams and wakefulness meets each other, a place built on dynamic architectures that get lights and shadows in constant transformation, a place populated by creatures in evolution. It’s where we look for our innermost self, hidden by cages that mind and body created through cultural practices and social experiences. It’s where the words become images, sounds become dance and thoughts become music: universal languages ​​specific to each man or woman of this reality. See-goal is an audio-visual narrative, a free interpretation of the novel by Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, that consists of four episodes (the fourth with two different endings), achieved through a choreography of four dancers who dance in a dreaming world. The images are typical signs of dreams: reality visions filtered by shape, color and size. Fragmented elements are now vibrant colors now extinct, appear and disappear into fantasy, they are doors that open and close deeply inside ourselves.

The Seven Chairs

Director: Alessio Giaccaglia
Country: Italy
Runtime: 11 minutes 2 seconds
Synopsis: “The Seven Chairs” is the 1st episode of the show “Cassius: the Athology”, a show that proposes a new experimental and conceptual format of Street Dancing & Street Culture. Over the years, the Groovin’ Brothers have developed a unique style of its kind, preserving a strong orientation towards storytelling, contemporary theater, literature, cinema and the visual arts. The works of the Groovin’ Brothers are told through innovative choreographic designs and are based on a thought in balance between abstract and concrete, sacred and profane. A sign intended as a language, an idea that uses the arts and acrobatics of street dancing to tell stories and visions.

Musica Liquida

Director: Alessio Giaccaglia
Country: Italy
Runtime: 4 minutes 7 seconds
Synopsis: Short video extracted from Paolo SWIFT’s new album “the Diary”. A music immersed in water that traces distant and Afrocentric worlds. The recurring element of the vinyl record represents the beating heart of our arts.

Beats al Dente – A Producer’s Webseries

Director: Caue Carvalho
Country: Italy
Runtime: 15 minutes
Synopsis: Beats al Dente is an independent webseries born to shed light on the work of music producers in Rome in 2021. The TruePassion independent production teamed up with the local rapper Er Drago to present to fans of hip-hop and production what it means to be a producer today and how these changes tell us something about the change in the industry as a whole.
We wanted to understand the stories and techniques adopted by artists that have live through one of the biggest shifts in the history of the music market, and how this reflected in their daily lives as musicians.

Onomatopoeia – MJ is Alive

Director: Brazz Ankh
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 10 minutes 51 seconds
Synopsis: Here is my modest contributions for #MJDiamondCelebration​ this video with a music composed by me and called #Onomatopoeia​ – MJ is alive

Happy Anniversary, dear Dante !

Director: Vittorio Caratozzolo & Class 3 A
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:03:45
Synopsis: A street dancer defines and conquers his own urban anonymous space, during a cold winter afternoon: with his dance he declares his resistance to the critical situation of his city, state, world. With the young voices of a Middle School – 1 grade Class, the Divine Poet Dante’s rhymes help us to resist in front of the terrible monsters of our contemporary life.
With poetry, music and dance we remember the “ItAlien” Poet, Dante Alighieri (1265-1321).


Director: Mattia cursi, Juan claudio Averoff Rico
Country: Italy
Runtime: 1 minute 54 seconds
Synopsis: Not present

Battleground Germany

Director: Julian Schöneich
Country: Germany
Runtime: 00:14:00
Synopsis: Battleground Germany is a german short-form documentary series about the german battlerap scene: from small “Hip Hop Jams” in the early 90s to big sponsored events, the series captures the rise of german battlerap culture from underground to mainstream.

English subtitles online now!!!

About Face

Director: Yoram Savion
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:06:14
Synopsis: ABOUT FACE is the first of a 3-part short film series that puts a different spin on the school to prison pipeline and the role of fathers of black and brown children in the disruption of that paradigm. Based on original spoken word poetry by Marc Bamuthi Joseph and directed by YAK Films, ABOUT FACE features choreographer, dancer and actor Drew Dollaz and musical score by Daniel Bernard Roumain.

I’m here

Director: Kateryna Tiurina
Country: Ukraine
Runtime: 00:04:00
Synopsis: Kyiv, year 2019 – total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves – what do I really want to do here and now?
But these guys have their own reality. This is the new elite youth, that think critically. Original. True.

Our short, beautiful video is about the eternal dreamers, boys and girls, called to inspire with their honest deeds. They push us to the new achievements. They know how to dream and fulfill. They live the moment, although it often happens that society breaks their framework of an ideal world, by throwing back to the ugly reality…


Director: Fabio Falzarano
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:11:19
Synopsis: Thanks to the help of a mysterious master, Noblo systematically ascends all the five layers of reality of the ancient Vedic scriptures, desperately seeking for his life’s purpose. Numbness and confusion dramatically take a hold of him as he progresses, from Earth to Fire, Water to Air, slowly revealing, as he reaches the innermost cave of the self, the true face of his eternal enemy: the Doppleganger. A most symbolic voyage, that will finally see him emerging as a master of reality; thus giving the wheel of life, another spin.

Fiori di proiettili

Director: Massimo Bologna
Country: Italy
Runtime: 00:03:25
Synopsis: A poetic trip between words and images.

Still A Slave

Director: Nathan Geering
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:05:15
Synopsis: A short film that highlights the ways in which black people in the UK still feel like they are slaves within modern society. This short film is an artistic response to many of the comments posted on social media that undermine the Black Lives Matter Movement. What makes this film unique is it uses the artform of bboying and combines it with a flaming rope dart to illustrate the many ways in which people of colour are still bound within society and treated as slaves both physically and metaphorically.


Director: Charlie Luccini
Country: France
Runtime: 00:02:35
Synopsis: A dancer flips a coin and switches between his passions. As a Dancer and Doctor during the pandemic, he dances in these now empty streets of the city of Nantes.


Director: Ramazi Baranov
Country: Russian Federation
Runtime: 00:17:00
Synopsis: In this portrait documentary by Ramazi Baranov, a young man visits a hip hop battle. A Sandwichmaker that dreams of dance wherever he goes. His gaze ponders the dance inside and outside of him.

Disregarding classic conventions of filming and narrative, this raw and free spirited documentary offers reflections on the essence of dance in life, meditation and sandwich making.


Director: Dominique Shine
Country: France
Runtime: 5 minutes 49 seconds
Synopsis: Phorm is an unidentified dancing form arrived on Earth around 2010.
From this acronym remains a dancing phenomenon of which we don’t know either the origin or the exact nature although witnesses claim to have observed it, and that sensors have recorded it.
Still unexplained, this dance performance has irrevocably influenced the aesthetic evolution of dance choreographies!


Director: Zhang Xiaoan
Country: Australia
Runtime: 00:04:55
Synopsis: The film records a day of Akebaierjiang, an Uyghur young man living in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, China. He is passionate about popping dancing when not working as a doctor on the night shift at the Emergency Center. As an ER doctor, he is committed, but he never has the same enthusiastic enjoyment as when dancing.

Akebaierjiang lives on a wave flowing back and forth between excited and sober moods, and this can be a miniature of a day of many ordinary people, especially in less developed regions, who work in the careers such as the doctor that is more accepted by family and society but have eager and enthusiasm in creative art in their deep hearts. This film aims to present the struggle and balance between being responsible for a steady job in a real life and pursuing a dream.

Let’s make it all possible

Director: Homard Payette
Country: France
Runtime: 1 minute 50 seconds
Synopsis: Poca & Zyko set off to explore the Grand Palais in Lille, but as often when traveling and exploring, we sometimes get lost and find each other again.

Street popper 2

Director: Homard Payette
Country: France
Runtime: 4 minutes 17 seconds
Synopsis:  Going to an abandoned factory, Djidawi did not know who was waiting for him … Pépito!
This experimental video performance pays homage to one of the most famous video games of early gaming, Street Fighter 2.
The two adversaries of the day will have to put their differences aside and join forces to fight much more powerful and evil forces. A classic story revisited by the entire hip hop scene: a graffiti artist, a DJ, the dancers lend themselves to the game of this quirky painting.

Watt Off

Director: Dominique Shine
Country: France
Runtime: 2 minutes 58 seconds
Synopsis: To inaugurate its new swimming pool and new sports complexes, Wattignies wanted an original and dynamic presentation!
This is how this creative and experimental video goes to discover these places.