BABURKA PRODUCTION is an independent film company that develops and produces movies and audiovisual projects for both the national and international market, with a particular attention to social topics. A cooperative formed by professionals with a common goal: to promote the idea that you can reach high levels of production even if starting from small means. 


FUTUROPRESENTE was created to engage a wide and diversified audience, ranging from adults to young children.
Among the activities designed for this purpose, we have included several workshops in the program, which, starting from this month, have already opened to discussion among the participants. At the Bologna Children’s Book Fair we met Dutch and Italian authors and illustrators, who once again remarked on the union between the two countries, contributing to a more inclusive idea of culture.


Embassy and Consulate General of the KINGDOM OF NETHERLANDS in Italy. 

The purpose of the LAZIO FILM COMMISSION is to encourage national and foreign movie and audiovisual companies to invest and produce in Rome and in the regional territory, to jointly promote the image of Rome and its region: Lazio, to raise awareness of the cultural, environmental and touristic heritage and develop the growth of territorial competitiveness. 


The DASUD ASSOCIATION was born in 2005 in Calabria, it is an anti-mafia association that puts skills into a network to work on the socio-cultural contrast of the mafias, through a path of in-depth study, elaboration, storytelling and awareness, which aims to recover memory from the bass, elaborate a new story of the mafias, build a new anti-mafia imaginary, promote civil and social rights, take care of gender issue.


The NOTORIOUS IBE is an international hip hop dance festival in Heerlen, The Netherlands. Between 1998 and 2005 the festival took place at Nighttown in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2008 the festival moved to the city of Heerlen in the southern province of Limburg (Netherlands). 


SSML SAN DOMENICO is the university school that offers training courses of excellence in the areas of linguistic mediation, specialist translation and professional conference interpreting and training with the most important linguistic, IT and business certification institutions . 

ROMA TRE UNIVERSITY is a University by the young for the young. It was born in 1992 and quickly grew both in students and courses. In the international rankings has a great assesment, especially in the young univeristies. 

FILMOCRACY is a new kind of streaming platform that prioritizes quality ratings over everything else. Filmocracy has thousands of award winning festival films and hosts hundreds of film festivals each year from around the world.


GREEN MONKEY was born in 2017 in Rome from the passion of their members for the world of canapa and the desire to invest in this emerging field. 

GAFETO TV, Costa Rica & Centroamerica underground movement! 

ANGELBIRD, Camera-specific media for creative production. Pursuing freedom of expression without limitations.

FILA Is an italian company dedicated to the production and marketing of footwear and sportwear. Founded in 1911 in Coggiola, a town in Piemonte. 

THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE is a department of the Italian government. It is in charge of the protection of culture and entertainment and the conservation of the artistic, cultural and landscape heritage. 

IMAGE HUNTERS is an indipendent production company born in 2016. Our activity develops around the idea of the factory, accompanying the young filmmakers throw the production of their first and second features.  

SOFLA’ Pizzeria e Hostaria, via Affogalasino, 28 – 00148 Roma (RM)  


HIP HOP WORKS is a global non-profit organization. Hip Hop Works Inc. is formed to be the corporate base of a community of chapters all designed to provide services to the children, teenagers, young adults. 

HIPHOPERA FOUNDATION is an italian organization of activists  of the hip hop cultures, born with the porpouse to promote events and cultural, artistic and social projects to spread it’s  founding values and principals. 


DIGGIN’ PODCAST is a podcast about hip hop culture.

BEENOISE TV is the official tv by Beenoise Records, a digital Label born in January 1 2011 and based in Rome. Beenoise’s mission is to discover new talents and promote them in the most efficient way as possible

THE WILD UP CREW is a group of break dance and urban female dancers who joined to represent thei perspective in the underground roman scene. 

THE GOETHE INSTITUTE promotes the study of german in all world organizing language courses and certificate exams in 90 countries.  


BOTTEGA PRAMA was born in 2011 from the idea of Sara Corpino aka B.Girl Data 7. By joining forces with Lorenzo Jato Galleri they start with the first artisan production of customizable streetwear. 

NEW DANCE TV, Passionate about hip hop and dance since forever, we love to create cool and inspiring dance content. Together with our friends and festival partners we create and share awesome moments through our social media channels and our platform.

MANGIADISCHI Record Store,  Via Luciano Manara, 22, 00153 Roma RM 

The commitee promoter of HIP HOP PROTECTION, a free non-profit association that collects adhesions to promote the application of the Hip Hop culture in the list of the intangible heritage of UNESCO. 

GOLDWORLD is the place where we discusse and compare about cinema, technology, music, graffiti and people. We talk about how we are touched by art and the world that is changing in front of our eyes 

TIME2RAP it’s a label born from the experience of Time to Kill, dedicated exclusively to Rap music.  

RADIO DANCE ROMA, a Web Radio founded in 2017 under the direction of Luigi Balducci and Luciano Mancini. 

HOT BLOCK RADIO, inspired by one of the most famous albums of Lil Wayne (The Block Is Hot- 1999).

METALLO E CEMENTO, an italian magazine dedicated to Hip Hop culture. It’s an exploration in the graffiti world, a journey into the images, the words, the contradictions and conflicts of a tradition in continuous evolution 

SIAE, the Italian society of Authors and Editors it’s a collective managment organisation, a non-profit organisation that is responsible of copyrights 

SUPER JAM Organization of events . Hip Hop – RnB – Dancehall – Afrobeats – Soul – Funk – jazz – Reggae – Urban – Live Music 

SWITCH PARTY, More than a Musical event, a cultural movement, a way of being. A lifestyle.

BLACK REVOLUTION Organization of events. 

SOUL VIBES, The Party for the lovers of R&B and Hip Hop music, from the beginnings to today. Good music for good people.

THE LEGITS, Backed up with 13 years in video production world, 7 years in the streetwear game, and 5 years organizing events. We are a family of artists that travel and spread THE LEGITS movement around the globe, because everyone deserves to live to the fullest

IL CARTELLO DEGLI INDIPENDENTI  is an operational network between formal and informal realities active in the independent film sector born in 2017. It promotes the free sharing of knowledge and mutual support between productions and departments between and within the same categories, focusing on the analysis of key issues for the development of the sector such as production, distribution and new technologies applied to the optimization of the internal work of the departments.

NUOVO IMAIE, The italian mutualistic institute for the protection of the rights of the performers and executors 

ONE WORLD – HIP HOP AGAINST RACISM, International Guests, Classic Hip Hop Films, 
Awards in 11 Categories, Hip Hop Concert with various international artists. 

GRAFFDREAM is all about the world of graffiti and hip hop, streetwear, drawing and calligraphy articles.

IL RAPPUSO, Magazine that deals Rap music since 2009.

KIM COLACE, aka SHINE, is a designer, street artist. He was born in Rome in 1987 and embarked on his career as an artist at the age of 15 where, through graffiti, he began a personal research that would lead him to define a style in which principles and methodologies of art and design interpenetrate.

KEEP IT REAL is a project about Hip hop’s values and educational dimension in schools, peripheral areas, and prisons
through the experience and the point of view of artists and educators in a network for the
first time.