Dj Dek One

Originates from Birmingham, England, now base in north London, Dek was a writer briefly in a small crew, and started djing in 1994, right at the start of the boom bap golden era. Graff and music were his first contact with b boy/b girl culture. In the 90s he played at Birminghams biggest clubs, SNOBS jazz/hip hop room, The institute Digbeth academy at the SWEAT funk nights at the INSTITUTE, and the QUE CLUB, where played soul funk and hip hop, and still has all those records today! Dek moved to London in 1998 and after a few years started his own nights called SUPERFUNK which lasted 5 years. After starting to dj on the b boy circuit in 2006, he went on to play battles all over the UK and EUROPE and is still going strong. Resident @breakmission he still only uses vinyl, but only because he cant use computers.

Dj Ice Cap

His first encounter with Hip-Hop as a cultural movement started in 1986, when with some friends he came across some graffiti art works in a hall in Munich.In the middle 90’s he had from Wednesday till Sunday high turn up DJ gigs in various well-known Clubs across Munich. With his progress and mixing skills catching many minds, he was soon to be discovered by a radio station, “Radio 2 Day”, known for Finest Soul, RnB and Hip-hop Music, and he was offered his own radio show, named “The One And One Mix”. DJ Icecap was one of the few DJ’s, that brought the best hits of RnB and Hip-Hop to Munich. One of his great memories is the concert of 2 Pac, up till now a characterizing event that left a major footprint in his life. DJ Icecap brought his own mixtapes onto the streets. His name “Ice Cap” became a well-known trademark in the Hip-Hop RnB scene.

Dj Jopsen

On tour in Europe in 2019 with PORTAVOZ through G13 music international platform of artists located in Barcelona comes to play on the island of Ibiza at the Zoo Project party, a global bass music dj set which does not go unnoticed due to its style unique in the transitions with turntable techniques, a lot of pad play and effects, I am always in the constant search for good sound, all music is used to create, mix and connect with ourselves, for this reason in my djs set I always propose a good trip to make this a special and spatial moment too!

Dj KhanFu

His style is heavily influenced by the Boom Bap sound and is very adept at blending the old and contemporary Breaking sound. Events he's played for include Break Mission, UK Bboy Champs, Just Jam International, Hip Opsession, Red Bull BC One UK, World Bboy Classic, Warsaw Challenge, Temple Rock and many more. Check out his mixes and socials at @djkhanfu

Dj Tynk

Claudio Araya (34), or Dj Tynk began at the end of 2004, already defined by all the hip hop culture that he knew in the mid-90's is how his graffiti signature mutates with the prefix Dj, all this takes place in Pudahuel South, in Santiago de Chile, place from where
he began learning turntables and scratching. From the beginning he has collaborated with different groups and artists, such as Kartel Roman, DClass, Devientre y Moksha, among others there is also the collective of djs Loftsess.

Ritmo Equis

David Sanchez better known as Ritmo Equis born in the city on Panama en 1981, rising with his mother and grandmother. Influenced by his cousin who used to listen to music all day long starts his career as an artist circa 2007.He started in the Hip-Hop movemen as a bboy by the year 2000, dancing and collecting records. Dominating different genres like Rock, HipHop, House, Reggae, Funk and others. Ritmo Equis is a promoter of Hip-Hop events and parties. As DJ have travelled to different countries y Central America, States in USA as New York, Arizona, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, & Las Vegas Currently work for the Red Bull Energy Drink company for almost 10 years in marketing.

Dj Smith

Maki Smith Aka DJ Smith has loved music all her life. She has been in the music industry for many years and after spending time in Kingston, Jamaica and New York City she developed a love for Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop music. It was only natural that she was drawn to Kizomba music and in 2017, she began DJing at local clubs in Tokyo.

Dj UraGun

His name is DJ UraGun. An official Dj of Red Bull BC One Italy & BreakingFIDS an Italian sport dance federation which will prepare an Italian national Breaking Team for the Olympics in Paris 2024.
Many people are familiar with him and his music, many people respect the work that him & his Solo Gas Recordz are doing for the culture, he was the CEO of Boombox Club most famous Breaking & Stand Up Dance Spot in Italy, orga, collector, Hip Hop activist. UraGun got his love for the Hip Hop culture from his brother who was listening to hip hop music & breakin a bit in the middle of 90's.
In 2003 he moved to Brescia, Italy where he join the Funkabbestia Crew. In 2005 he started to get interested in DJing and sighed up for DJ courses.

Dj Nobunaga

Nobunaga is well know in the bboyscene for his mix between beats&breaks with hard drums and nice melody's.
He travels all over the world with this mix and as a battle dj in the dance scene he also spins house, popping, hiphop and experimental events.
So you can expect an arsenal of sounds from this man. He will take you on a musical journey and will mix fluently between music genres, so standing still is not an option!

Dj Kid Cut

It's been over 20 years since Kid Cut first moved the faders on a battle mixer. Since then, the Hanoverian has been rocking the clubs, stages and dance circles even beyond Germany's borders. Regular club gigs all over Europe are just as much a part of it as working as a break DJ at renowned events such as the International Battle of the Year, Floor Wars Final and much more
Kid Cut's musical heroes undoubtedly come from funk soul and hip hop, but that doesn't mean that he can be restricted to musical boundaries.
Due to his own dancing background, his sets are very danceable and he knows exactly which piece the crowd needs next, regardless of whether it is sweaty B Boys in the circles or the weekend soul diva in the trendy club around the corner.

Dj Mo Cutz

He discovered his passion for djing at the age of 9.
Since then his life was only about "scratching".
The now 27 year old from Hamburg is one of the most talented and creative in the field of Djing, whether from Oldschool to New School Hip Hop, Deutschrap or Trap & Afrobeats.
Dj Mo Cutz always brings something new into his sets to offer the party crowd an unforgettable night no matter whether at the turntables or on the microphone.
Among other things, DJ Mo Cutz has had the opportunity to play nationally in various clubs in Berlin, Rostock, Frankfurt, Bremen, Schwerin, and Melle, as well as support some artists such as: Bushido, Brandon Beal, Capital Bra, Summer Cem, Tyga, Sean Paul, Next, Silk & Jay Smooth and many more.

Dj Ice One

Sebastiano Ruocco (born May 16, 1966), better known by his stage name Ice One, is an Italian rapper, beatmaker and writer from Turin, Italy. Ice One is one of the pioneers of Italian underground hip hop, having started to perform in 1982.
During his career, Ice One worked with two of the most important Italian hip hop groups of the nineties, Colle der Fomento (founded with Danno & Masito, 1994-1999) and Assalti Frontali (1999).

Dj Swift

Multifaceted artist, lover of arts and culture. Founder and artistic director of the conceptual street-dance company "Groovin' Brothers". Choreographer, teacher and performer. Creative with a wide background in choreographic composition, scouting, musical manipulation and wide spectrum artistic production.

Miss Vaitea

Vaitea is a trilingual mc, a promoter and a DJ: an all-round cosmopolitan artist, endowed with a unique and personal taste. Vaitea is her real name, it means "clear water" in Polynesian, but she is French-New Zealand of Polish-Siberian origin, even if, after all, deeply from Milan. A real citizen of the world.

Luca Margarita

He starts his career as a dj very young, devoting whole days to listening and mixing music. Being a perfectionist he loves supervising every smallest detail in his Set from the music selection to the  technique and scenic presence. Hi digs in his sets among all the electronic music genere from the house to the minimal techno.
During these years his interest led him to attend qualified classes of electronic music, hence his ability to make use of a recording studio of his own and get
specialized in mixing and mastering techniques.

DJ Zapy

His name is Vitalik Denisov, also known as Dj Zapy from Sochi City in the southern Russia.   Zapy is representing 2 crews: Solo Gas Recordz (music label) & OutStanding (breaking team) In the 90’s he  heard a song called “Battle” by Gang Starr, from that moment his love for hip-hop music has began. In 2005 he made his first mash-up, after that in 2006 het got signed into break dance lessons at local dance school.   In 2008 he have released his first mixtape called "Break & Rap Mixtape 2008" From 2008 to 2012 he have released several tracks but most of his time he have spent by practicing & dancing. During that period he has worked as a DJ on a local jams. Everything changed in 2012, when he decided to create a mix for trainings  (that would contain original mash-ups and author’s tracks) From that moment on he started to spent all his time learning PRO beatmaking and mastering. Since 2012 he have officially released 22 mixtapes you can find links on his Soundcloud. In 2019 you will find out about Solo Gas Records and it’ll totally blow your mind.