Polyhedric figure, she is a member of Wild Up b-girl Crew. Hip Hop Activist, she organized many international Hip Hop youth exchanges supported by the EU, and events as the b-boy event for 3 years, the funky afternoon and many hip hop events in clubs and social centers. She directed the hip hop documentaries «1 world under a groove» and «Break the siege» and the  experimental projects “The antisexist manifesto in the Italian rap» and «Sobreviviente». She co-founded the Baburka Production, the first Italian SFX makeup association “EffectUs” and the independent cinema productions network “Il Cartello degli Indipendenti”. Moreover she is the art director of the HipHopCineFest.org . 


Writer, producer, director, Yassine El Idrissi explored different professions before becoming a storyteller in film. But the power of images was always the common denominator. El Idrissi worked several years as a successful photojournalist in national newspapers and international news agencies until he found that to satisfy his urge to tell the stories, he needed the power of cinema. He took two years to produce his first documentary “Waiting for theSnow”. El idrissi graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam in 2013 with a Master degree. Honey and oldcheese Yassine’s latest short film was screened at ClermontFerran 


Bgirl since 1998, and visual artist, she has developed a strong passion for anything related to video (post production, visual effects and motion graphics, videomapping, vjing), in connection with Hip Hop culture and body’s expressions. Graphic designer and motion grapher for TV and theatre productions, she is the vicepresident of TBB/TBG Global Family (Italy chapter), and member of Hip Hopera Foundation, with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and social events and projects, and spreading their founding values and principles. In 2015 she won “Cultura Futura, Creativi Digitali”, creating the experimental project See-Goal, in 2017 she co-founded Point2b, a dance and visual arts company.

Actively breaking in the scene for more than twenty years, he has been working for the Battle Of The Year World Final for many years, organizing events like the BOTY Movie Night and the Bgirl Battle. He studied Media Studies at the Film University Babelsberg and was organizing the Sehsüchte – International Student Film Festival in Potsdam. He is the co-founder of the HollyHood Filmfestival – Hip Hop & Social Justice that has its home at the Film museum Potsdam, the oldest film museum in Germany. Currently he is working for a nonprofit organization in Berlin in the field of digitalization and civil society.

She is a philologist, poet, and performance artist. She is also a cultural producer, and Deputy Executive Director of the global organization Hip Hop Works.

Born in Caracas Hip Hop chose her by the end of the 80’s in Germany. As an immigrant child she found in Rap a place that differentiated her from her relatives’ melomania. She studied audiovisual production. At 19 she joined one of Venezuela´s pioneering crews, La Corte, becoming the first female rapper woman in the country. In the last 25 years she become a cultural creative producer, weaving global connections under the flag of Hip Hop as a symbolic country. Her work spands from community work to corporate projects. Apolonia currently directs MELAH (Movement of Latin America Hip Hop Expressions), is a cultural consultant and co-curator / co executive producer of the Global Summit for Empowerment and Culture, among other things. 

German Filmmaker who produces and directs documentaries. He moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he produced and directed 2 Hip Hop documentaries with the names “Hungry” and “Thirsty” and a documentary about the old east German Trabant Car, which was broadcast about 500 times in ten different countries all over the world. Between 1997-2008 he worked and lived in Vancouver as professional lighting technician of the movie industry. In 2008 he moved back to Germany to raise his kids and and start his own Hip Hop Film Festival in 2018. The Golden Sneakers International Hip Hop Film Festival in Hamburg Germany.

31 years on the mixer, both as Dee jay and as producer, prefers the sounds Funkie Jazz, Rap, Rock in which his artistic versatility pours into the track. Growing up in the heart of Hip Hop culture, he is one of its most passionate witnesses. He Was Exponent member of Original Zulu Nation from N.Y, exponent and producer together with Deal (Mauro Bottoni) of the legendary Italian Crew Rap of the late 90s : Gate Keepaz. In 2003 he made the gold record as sole producer with the compilation “Dammi un Beat”. Founder and president of the label B.M.Records (www.bmrecords.eu) was chosen as consultant and judge of the cult program of mtv “SPIT.

Costa Rican Filmmaker, he Hip Hop culture since 00’s. He started filmmaking in the 90’s and soon he founded iGafeto TV documenting different underground cultural expressions from Costa Rica; he documented too international artists like Ephniko, Rxnde Akozta, Myka 9, Asheru , DJ Lord, Sean Paul. He co-organized events like Griot Collective, the 1st Graffiti National Convention, Buscando la Raíz and the tour Manifiesto Urbano, starting his DJ career. As DJ he  staged with artists as: DJ Muggs, Mad Professor, Pato Machete, Lil Suppa, Akapellah, Portavoz, Myka 9. He Co- funded, host and DJ the Hip Hop radio show: La Ofensiva (2013-19). He directed the documentary “Tlacuilos” that narrates the Graffiti scene in Central America.  

Hip hop media and distribution pioneer. He starting out at PolyGram Records distributing artists like Jay-Z, Jeru the Damaja, and Beenie Man. Rob then created one of the first hip hop websites to feature original video content www. whomag.net. Rob currently owns 3 music TV networks including WHO?MAG Multimedia (www.whomagtv.com), iFame TV, and Video Vision. As a multi-award winning film director, he has directed a movie in London as well as many in the US. Rob has received awards from Master P & Jesse Jackson, Pocono Film Fest, 3 from the city of Philadelphia, 2 from the city of Baltimore, and many more.