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BABURKA PRODUCTION is an independent film company that develops and produces movies and audiovisual projects for both the national and international market, with a particular attention to social topics. A cooperative formed by professionals with a common goal: to promote the idea that you can reach high levels of production even if starting from small means.

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The purpose of the Lazio Film Commission is to encourage national and foreign movie and audiovisual companies to invest and produce in Rome and in the regional territory, to jointly promote the image of Rome and its region: Lazio, to raise awareness of the cultural, environmental and touristic heritage and develop the growth of territorial competitiveness.

The V administrative subdivision of Roma Capitale.

The Goethe-Institut is a non-profit German cultural association operative worldwide with 159 institutes, it promotes the study of the German language abroad and encourages international cultural exchange and relations.

Ginnika is more than a brand is a movement! It is the first Italian convention on urban culture that brings together streetwear, art, music, knowledge, sport, lifestyle and more. The company mission is to share and spread the passion for urban culture with people from all around the world

High school with the aim of training professionals in the technical departments of the movie, television and photography industries.

New Dance TV is an online media company promoting the world of dancing while providing it with the platforms it deserves. Driven by the roots of the Hip Hop culture, they are determined to make the world of Street Dance known to the global audience.

Wild up crew is a b-girl crew (a women only break dance crew) active in the national and international panorama with shows, workshops and hip hop culture promotion goals.

Hip Hopera Foundation is an Italian organization of Hip Hop Culture activists, which has been created with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and social events and projects spreading their founding values.

Studios Academy’s mission is to train its associates in audio and video productions for the show business; it aims to spread, through arts and knowledge divulgation, the idea of a society enriched by the mixture of international cultures and open dialogue between the citizens of the world.

Hip Hop events -Good music for good people

Since 2010, the association has been involved in the promotion of contemporary art and artistic projects with socio-cultural purposes, having a predilection for urban art and all its forms.

Festival partner

UFF is at its 16th edition, is promoted by RStyle and supported by the Mission Cinéma of Paris, it’s the first film festival dedicated to the Urban cultures, showing the customs and the lifestyles of this social trend.

Golden Sneakers is an Hip Hop Film Festival from Hamburg that focuses on the celebration of hip hop movies, directors and live music and aims at fightimng hate and racism through music.

HollyHood is a film festival, organized together by young teams from Potsdam, Berlin and Cultus UG. which focuses on the origins and history of development of the hip hop culture and its four arts: breaking, rap, DJing and graffiti srt.

Hip Hopera Foundation is an Italian organization of Hip Hop Culture activists, which has been created with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and social events and projects spreading their founding values.

Street art festival in Potenza.

Annual award that enhances and stimulates youth artistic production in the field of spoken poetry (spoken word, slam poetry) and poetry with music (spoken music, rap).

Media partner

Generation Hip Hop global is an organization rooted in 68 countries dedicated to youth empowerment. It deals with cooperation events, conflict resolution programs, hunger reduction, education and refugee assistance.

The Legits Clan is a family of urban artists worldwide, who live their passions and share a common vision, emphasizing quality over quantity in life. 

The cartel of independents is an operative network of formal and informal working groups active in the independent film industry that promotes the free sharing of knowledge and mutual support between productions and departments.

WHO?MAG TV is the leading hip-hop multimedia company airing in over 280,000,000 households worldwide. They focus on interviews, music videos, live performances, live DJ sets, music distribution and more.

Murilab is a project of ten tourist guides interested in evolving the concept of urban exploration, promoting off-center explorations and urban art.

Radio città aperta is the radio of the independent music and information, with social commitment and a constant attention to Italian and international political events.

Battle Box TV is an Italian platform that dedicated to videos and podcasts about breaking, hip hop culture and music.

RAPdZONA is a program on RadioAlba broadcast every Friday from 20:00 to 21:00 and is as well a podcast available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast. It is a show entirely dedicated to local music and the world of hip hop culture 360 °. During the program there are live interviews and minishows in #tinyconcert style of young talents in rap, soul, RnB, funk…

Filmstudio, since 1967 in Rome, has been the first Italian filmclub to promote a new and revolutionary way of experiencing cinema

Is an unitary expression of Federations, Coordinations of the associations, Companies, professionals and the people residing in Italy and in Europe.

The National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises

Association that brings together Italian film-makers and video-makers. is the reference website and blog for rap in Italy. Articles, new releases, interviews and all the news on the world of Italian hip hop.

The sports radio of rome, football but not only.

All the biggest dance hits 24 hours a day payed by the best national and international DJs.

is a Rome-based project that combines graffiti, rap and artistic events. It conveys urban culture on social media, deepening the writing component in order to bring even outsiders who want to know more about.

Audience development and community engagement project aimed at youths under 25, who wants to experiment a path as active spectators. It is aimed at getting to know the contemporary cultural scene and the production, promotion and organization of a multidisciplinary festival through a training and inclusive path.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx celebrates and preserves the history of local and global Hip Hop music and culture to inspire, empower, and promote understanding.

The mission of the Hip-Hop Education Center is to catalyze social change and equity through transnational research, curated and collaborative programming, leadership development, and the creation of a living repository of Hip-Hop education resources.

Since 1996 ZERO has been the most widely read magazine of events and lifestyle. Since 2007 it has been the reference site for knowing where to go, to do what and with whom. Always free, always in town, both on paper and on smartphone, always in your pocket.

Issa Podcast narrates the stories of your favorite rap artists. From the Italian scene to the American one, passing first through the English one. Stories of music, stories of Rap.

Roman news agency

University coordination collective

The Hip hop magazine that drives you to know and experience the urban world in a different way

Taboo is an intersectional transfeminist and feminist collective formed by the student of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome

Record label born from the Redgoldgreen Movement, a collective made up of singers, producers, DJs and musicians who have been active performers, supporters and speakers of reggae / dancehall music and the various evolutions.

WIF is present in over 18 countries. It promotes gender equality and combats gender prejudice in the industry.

Anti-discrimination association that deals with marginalizing all forms of discrimination through art, recreational activities and culture, thanks to the commitment of girls and boys from different countries and socio-cultural backgrounds.