Federico Peixoto
Costa Rican Filmmaker, he Hip Hop culture since 00’s. He started filmmaking in the 90’s and soon he founded iGafeto TV documenting different underground cultural expressions from Costa Rica; he documented too international artists like Ephniko, Rxnde Akozta, Myka 9, Asheru , DJ Lord, Sean Paul. He co-organized events like Griot Collective, the 1st Graffiti National Convention, Buscando la Raíz and the tour Manifiesto Urbano, starting his DJ career. As DJ he  staged with artists as: DJ Muggs, Mad Professor, Pato Machete, Lil Suppa, Akapellah, Portavoz, Myka 9. He Co- funded, host and DJ the Hip Hop radio show: La Ofensiva (2013-19). He directed the documentary “Tlacuilos” that narrates the Graffiti scene in Central America. 


Bgirl Danny – Daniela Cono
Bgirl since 1998, and visual artist, she has developed a strong passion for anything related to video (post production, visual effects and motion graphics, videomapping, vjing), in connection with Hip Hop culture and body’s expressions. Graphic designer and motion grapher for TV and theatre productions, she is the vicepresident of TBB/TBG Global Family (Italy chapter), and member of Hip Hopera Foundation, with the aim of promoting cultural, artistic and social events and projects, and spreading their founding values and principles. In 2015 she won “Cultura Futura, Creativi Digitali”, creating the experimental project See-Goal, in 2017 she co-founded Point2b, a dance and visual arts company.