Alessandro Costantini

worked for 7 years in the Negative Assembly department of Technicolor S.p.A. In 2008 he founded the Ultimo Piano Production Company e he produced several short films and music video clips. He Currently is: CEO CinemaLive; Founder MeLa Production; General Secretary AGICI – Associazione Generale Industrie Cine-Audiovisive Indipendenti; Dean Film; Part of the Entertainment , Cinema and Theatre branch for Confassociazioni

Celeste Martín Juan

Teacher in Seville University (Spain). She specializes in Spain’s Hip Hop culture, focusing on the history of documentary films. Currently she is developing a study about Hip Hop’s media outlets in Spain. Her publications are focused on the recent events of Spain’s Hip Hop culture.

Simone Eleuteri

Born in 1974, Hip Hop enthusiast from 1988, he is one of the rappers who co-founded Colle Der fomento, a rap collective active from 1995 to date. He’s a rapper, MC, Dj selecta, writer, radio host,  founder of the live show Welcome 2 the jungle  and director of the documentary Digging New York.

Fabio Del Greco

was born in 1974 in Pescara. He studied at DAMS- Università di Roma Tre and at Moldorin film and photography school  He studied screenplay with Leo Benvenuti and worked in several movies as assistent director and assistant editor.
He also made 10 movies as director, screenwriter, producer and video editor.

Mary Ndioba Diop

26 years old student at Sapienza- Arti e scienze dello spettacolo, she’s a student representative of Senegalese descent and raised near Milan, she’s a cinema and visual art enthusiast.


b-boy, researcher and theatrical author.
Member of the legendary crew Urban Force and founder of the Garofoli/Nexus company. Resident teacher of hip hop story and philosophy at Urban Dance Academy, now he is a research fellow of the new project Prin “Transatlantic Transfers. The italian Presence in post war. America “and teacher in Digital Art Laboratory at University Roma Tre.


With Philippines origins, he starts his career as dancer and actor.
He worked as: Director, Casting, Production and Screenwriter, starting from the movie “Orecchie”. He worked also on “Baby” for Netflix, and wrote “Non mi uccidere” directed by Andrea De Sica, produced by Vivo Film and Warner.


director and screenwriter, born in Rome 1990. In 2016 he directed “Legacy – The Series – A Better World”, winning the first prize for screenwriting at “FiPiLi Horror & Sci–Fi Festival”.  Cattivo Sangue, distribuited by Minerva Pictures, was his debut long footage.

Stefano Pierpaoli

President and artistic director of Filmstudio of Rome.
Associate producer, he co-directed the last chapter of the trilogy “Kill Gil”.
He then dedicated himself in the promotion of indipendent cinema and the development of models culturally inclusive.


Vaitea is a promoter and DJ. Known in Italy for her MC path in Hip Hop culture. She worked with many brand (as Adidas, Foot Locker, Fornasetti..) and cultural reality as iBlack Cultural Archives of London, or laMediateca of Villenueve-Loubet (France) through dj set and ecoconference.


Attivist, poet and performer, part of direction of the assosiation “Razzismo Brutta Storia”. She moves from hip hop research to the writing of short tales, she now studies languages and she collaborated with politics, artistic and cultural reality, with the aim to raise awareness of the racism condition

Ice One

Sebastiano Ruocco, also known as Dj Sensei, Electro Disciples, Cymatic, Gerard Metronome, Dark Mempo and finally Seby Stardust, at the age of sixteen he began his DJ activity playing in the best clubs in Rome and central Italy, pioneer of Hip Hop and Electrofunk events . Since 1986 he started to produce music, among his successes we remember the participation in the fifa 2004 soundtrack and the Redbull BC One trailer in 2016.


Pietro Maiozzi, is one of the first graffiti writers in Rome in 1990 his artistic research starts, from borrowing trains and walls of Rome, up to his polyhedric career in which he participated in numerous international exhibitions, underground events and social workshops. He works as a graphic designer and creative illustrator, paints and creates interactive customs using also recycled toys. Moreover he is one of the main exponents of the Roman Toys scene with the characters Lallo the parrot and Squiddy.

Leonardo Crudi

at the age of 13 he discovers the world of graffiti since 2012 he starts the first works on paper, inspired by graffiti lettering and shots of Italian neorealist cinema. In 2015 he started to study the Soviet avant-garde cinema and then the pictorial and photographic avant-gardes of Russian Suprematism, Constructivism and Futurism. He is attracted by the possibility of combining abstraction and figuration in a language capable of conveying ethical and political contents.

Randolph Lewis

sharp director well-versed in executing producer vision while having discretion over show look, planning, and execution. Highly talented in directing multi-camera programs and serials. Randolph Worked on 30+ projects in Film, Commercial Television, Music videos including Tasters Choice, Coca Cola, K-Mart, Nissan, Dave Mathews Band, Mobb Deep, Oil Factory, FOX-NHL, more.

Hleb Papou

Director graduated at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome, he made his debut with the film “Il Legionario” with which he won the Golden Leopard for the Best Emerging Director at the Locarno Film Festival 2021.


After graduating in Economics, she graduated in Production at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. She worked in the organization of film, television and advertising film sets; today she studies the industry. In 2019 she signs an intervention on the gender gap in the world of Italian film production on the “Gap & Ciak” research report of the IRPPS-CNR. Since 2017 she has been collaborating with the ANICA Strategic Planning Office

MC Nill

Rapper, author and activist of the LGBTQ + community has established herself in the Italian rap scene since years. Her texts, and subsequently her activity as a writer, convey a very precise message: to be yourself to better express your own even by breaking rooted stereotypes. In her works, she not only fights gender stereotypes, but also fights homophobia and enhances differences.

Romana Andò

Is Associate Professor of “Sociology of Communication and Fashion” and “Audience Research” at Sapienza University of Rome. Responsible for the research “A girls’ eye view”, which aims to involve the film industry and the female audience around the issue of adolescence.